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This Portal is an international Internet-resource, which presents information on the radiological aspects of safe and secure dwelling of population on territories affected by the Chernobyl NPP catastrophe. We anticipate the attention of the widest range of Internet users, which are interested in the Chernobyl issues and radiological information in general.

We hope that inhabitants of the radioactively contaminated territories, evacuees and resettlers, liquidators, teachers, doctors and community leaders of different levels, agriculturists and specialists in forestry, guests of Chernobyl territories, all of you, dear visitors, will find for yourself here interesting and useful information. Our experts prepared it for you on the basis of information from the reliable trusted sources.

If you can not find an answer to your question, you might send it to us in the section "Questions and answers" and we certainly will give you an expert answer.

Portal is created at support of ICRIN (International Chernobyl Research and of Information Network) Project of UN agencies (World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund, International Atomic Energy Agency and United Nations Development Program) and in a collaboration with specialized international organizations, ministries and organizations of Republic Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine. For provided materials and support the ICRIN Project is sincerely thankful to:

  • United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) http://www.unscear.org
  • International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) http://www.icrp.org
  • Ministry of Emergencies of Republic of Belarus http://rescue01.gov.by
  • National Commission of Belarus on Radiation Protection (NCRP of Belarus)
  • Belarusian Branch of the Russian-Belarusian Information Centre on the Problems of Consequences of the Chernobyl NPP Catastrophe (BB RBIC) http://rbic.by
  • The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM of Russia) http://www.mchs.gov.ru
  • All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defence and Emergency Situations, EMERCOM (Federal Centre of Science and High Technologies) (FGBU Institute of Civil Defence (FC) http://vniigochs.ru
  • Russian Scientific Commission on Radiological Protection (RSCRP)
  • Saint Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Radiation Hygiene named after professor P.V. Ramzaev (S-P SRIRH) http://www.niirg.ru
  • Russian Branch of the Russian-Belarusian Information Centre on the IssuesProblems  of Chernobyl NPP Catastrophe Consequences (RB RBIC) http://www.rorbic.ru
  • Institute for Safe Development of Atomic Energy Russian Academy of Sciences (IBRAE) http://www.ibrae.ac.ru
  • The Ministry of Ukraine for Emergencies and Affairs of Population Protection from the Consequences of Chornobyl Catstrophe http://www.mns.gov.ua
  • State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRSU) http://www.snrc.gov.ua
  • State Agency of Ukraine on the Exclusion Zone Management (DAZV) http://dazv.gov.ua
  • Office of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDCU Office) http://www.rnbo.gov.ua
  • National Commission on Radiation Protection of Population of Ukraine (NCRPU)
  • National Research Centre for Radiation Medicine (NRCRM), National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine http://nrcrm.gov.ua/index.html
  • Radiation Protection Institute (RPI) http://rpi.kiev.ua/en/home/
  • Ukrainian Institute of Agricultural Radiology (UIAR) http://www.uiar.org.ua/Eng/index.htm
  • National Institute for Strategic Studies, Ukraine (NISS) http://www.niss.gov.ua
  • Company "Intelligence Systems Geo" ("ISGEO") http://www.isgeo.com.ua, http://www.isgeo.kiev.ua
  • Company "Richmedia Ltd" (Richmedia)

After the completion of the Project ICRIN operation, improvement and development of the Portal is provided by the open-ended Support Team in the framework of the IAEA technical cooperation regional projects RER3004 - Radiological Support for the Rehabilitation of the Areas Affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident, and RER9123 - Supporting the Return to Normal Radiological Environmental Conditions for the Territories Affected by the Chernobyl Accident

Preparation of materials and consultations

Dr. Rudolf Bakhudarov, IBRAE

Prof. Illia Likhtarev, RPI

Dr. Leonila Kovgan, RPI

Prof. Valeriy Kashparov, UIAR

Prof. Sergey Fesenko, IAEA

Mr Oleg Nasvit, NISS

Ms Elena Melikhova, IBRAE

Prof. Tatiana Marchenko, Institute of Civil Defence, EMERCOM

Mikalai Barysevich, BB RBIC

Mr Leonid Tabachny, State Hydrometeorological Service of Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine

Ms Galina Sotnikova, Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine


Reviewing materials

Prof. Mikhail Balonov, S-P SRIRH

Prof. Yakov Kenigsberg, Head of NCRP of Belarus

Dr. Irina Zvonova, S-P SRIRH

Design and implementation

Victor Chabaniuk, ISGeo

Eugene Samorodov, ISGeo

Volodymyr Doubik, ISGeo

Sergiy Davydchuk, ISGeo

Yuriy Iakymenko, ISGeo

Anna Iakymenko, ISGeo

Ivan Kolimasov, ISGeo

Victor Andrieiev, ISGeo

Konstantyn Pavlenko, ISGeo

Sergey Sotnikov, Richmedia

Scientific-technical supervision

Mr Oleg Nasvit, NISS

IAEA Scientific secretary of the ICRIN Project

Dr. Volodymyr Berkovskyy

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